4M Self Storage 1 Month For Free

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1649 Montgomery Road,
Suite 1
Aurora, IL 60504

4M Self Storage 1 Month For Free

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1649 Montgomery, Rd, Suite 1
Aurora, IL 60504

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Looking for the perfect storage unit?  You've come to the right place.  With easy access seven days per week, a clean, well-lit facility, computerized entry systems, and video cameras, we offer the best storage solutions you can find. Rent is on a month-to-month basis, where no contract is required. We offer first-class storage units at great prices.  Our entire facility is truly designed with you in mind!

*The following descriptions should only be used as a guideline for comparison.  All sizes are approximate.  Contents may vary depending on the size of your belongings.  Please inspect your unit to ensure the space you rent meets your needs.*

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10' x 5'               
10'x 5' Box Dimensions  

  • Similar in Size to a Closet
  • Ideal for Smaller Items such as a Couch, a Chair, Mattress, and Boxes.
  • Limited Quantity Available 

5' x 15'  

  • Similar in Size to a Walk-In Closet
  • Ideal for a Dresser, Small Mattress Set, File Cabinet, Desk, and Boxes
  • Limited Quantity Available 

10' x 10'
10'x 10' Box Dimensions

  • Fits Items from a One-Bedroom Apartment
  • Ideal for Small Appliances, Table, Chairs, Couch, Desk, Boxes
  • Also Offered in Temperature Controlled
  • Limited Quantity Available

10' x 15'              10'x 15' Box Dimensions

  • Fits Items from a Two-Bedroom Apartment
  • Ideal for a Couch, Entertainment Center, Boxes, Mattress, Patio Furniture, Refrigerator, Washer/Dryer, and Extras
  • Also Offered in Temperature Controlled

10' x 20'              10'x 20' Box Dimensions

  • Similar in Size to a One-Car Garage
  • Ideal for Items of a Three-Bedroom Apartment/Small Home
  • Can Hold Several Boxes, Business Files, Workout Equipment, Entertainment Center, Mattresses, Office Furniture, Refrigerator, Washer/Dryer, and Garage Extras
  • Select Building Area Designated for Vehicle Storage (Registration and Proof of Insurance Required)

10' x 25'  *UNAVAILABLE*

  • Fits Items from a Four-Bedroom Home
  • Can Hold Washer/Dryer, Dresser, Sofas, Chairs, Dining Room Set, Tables, Several Boxes, Tool Chests, Patio Furniture, Business Equipment, Mattresses, and Miscellaneous Extras
  • Unavailable for December

10' x 30' *UNAVAILABLE*             10'x 30' Box Dimensions

  • Ideal Storage for Contents of an Entire Home or Commercial Business Storage
  • 2 Access Doors (2 Locks are needed)
  • Large Furniture (Couches, Chairs, Coffee Table, Dinner Table), Appliances, and Boxes
  • Bedroom Sets, Boxes, Patio Furniture
  • Unavailable for December

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Temperature Controlled Units

These units are offered in 10' x 10' and 10' x 15'.  Choose temperature-controlled storage units to protect your delicate or sensitive items. Regular storage may work perfectly fine for household items, but if you are going to be storing items that would be sensitive to temperature extremes, then you may want to have a stable environment for them. Rapid changes in temperature can affect certain types of items stored, and some items can be damaged when stored in extreme heat or extreme cold.  These units help protect your items from the elements.  Such items include:

• Television
• Computer/Laptop
• Leather Furniture
• Wooden Furniture
• Pharmaceutical Products

• Documents
• Books
• Musical Instruments
• Business Equipment
• Antiques

Storage Room Doors

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